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★Confirmed Plan★Dance and Game with Maiko

★Confirmed Plan★Dance and Game with Maiko
★Confirmed Plan★Dance and Game with Maiko 画像2
★Confirmed Plan★Dance and Game with Maiko 画像3
★Confirmed Plan★Dance and Game with Maiko 画像4
★Confirmed Plan★Dance and Game with Maiko 画像2 ★Confirmed Plan★Dance and Game with Maiko 画像3 ★Confirmed Plan★Dance and Game with Maiko 画像4

Point 1

Closely look at 2 elegant dance of Maiko.

Point 2

You'll get a chance to take photos with Maiko up close!

Point 3

Maiko will give you a lucky charm called "Senjafuda".

Instructor Undecided

Program Features

If you don't have much time and want to have a breif time with Maiko, this program is perfect!
This is a short and reasonable version of Kyoto's popular program.
Don't miss the chance to meet real Maiko, who you don't usually get to meet!

You can enjoy 2 elegant Maiko dances up close.
Of course, you can even take a memorative photo with Maiko!
Come and meet a real Maiko!

Program Schedule

00min Start of the program
↓    Maiko's dance performance
↓    Game with Maiko
30min End of the program
↓    Take photo with Maiko
↓    Maiko's "Senjafuda" present!
↓    Maiko leaves the room
↓    Chatting time
45min Room departure

Program Details

Date 2024.4.23(Tue) 18:45
2024.4.24(Wed) 18:45
2024.4.25(Thu) 18:45
2024.4.26(Fri) 18:45
2024.4.27(Sat) 16:15
2024.4.27(Sat) 18:45
2024.4.28(Sun) 16:15
2024.4.28(Sun) 18:45
2024.4.29(Mon) 16:15
2024.4.29(Mon) 18:45
2024.4.30(Tue) 16:15
2024.4.30(Tue) 18:45
2024.5.1(Wed) 16:15
2024.5.1(Wed) 18:45
2024.5.2(Thu) 16:15
2024.5.2(Thu) 18:45
2024.5.3(Fri) 16:15
2024.5.3(Fri) 18:45
2024.5.4(Sat) 16:15
2024.5.4(Sat) 18:45
2024.5.5(Sun) 16:15
2024.5.5(Sun) 18:45
2024.5.6(Mon) 16:15
2024.5.6(Mon) 18:45
2024.5.7(Tue) 18:45
2024.5.8(Wed) 18:45
2024.5.9(Thu) 18:45
2024.5.10(Fri) 18:45
2024.5.11(Sat) 18:45
2024.5.12(Sun) 18:45
2024.5.14(Tue) 18:45
2024.5.17(Fri) 18:45
2024.5.18(Sat) 16:15
2024.5.20(Mon) 18:45
2024.5.23(Thu) 13:45
2024.5.23(Thu) 18:45
2024.5.25(Sat) 18:45
2024.5.28(Tue) 18:45
2024.6.2(Sun) 16:15
2024.6.2(Sun) 18:45
2024.6.5(Wed) 18:45
2024.6.25(Tue) 13:45
2024.7.13(Sat) 16:15
2024.7.13(Sat) 18:45
2024.7.14(Sun) 16:15
2024.7.14(Sun) 18:45
2024.7.15(Mon) 16:15
2024.7.15(Mon) 18:45
2024.7.16(Tue) 16:15
2024.7.16(Tue) 18:45
2024.7.17(Wed) 16:15
2024.7.17(Wed) 18:45
2024.8.14(Wed) 16:15
2024.8.14(Wed) 18:45
2024.8.15(Thu) 16:15
2024.8.15(Thu) 18:45
2024.8.16(Fri) 16:15
2024.8.16(Fri) 18:45
2024.8.17(Sat) 16:15
2024.8.17(Sat) 18:45
2024.8.18(Sun) 16:15
2024.8.18(Sun) 18:45
2024.10.3(Thu) 13:45
2024.10.11(Fri) 18:45
2024.10.21(Mon) 18:45
2024.10.28(Mon) 18:45
2024.11.21(Thu) 13:45
Duration 45 min
Place AN KYOTO Japanese Culture Experience
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Minimum operation participants From 10 Person
Program Fee 3,950 JPY
(Same-day reservation: 4,950JPY/person)
※Free for children less than 2 years old (if a seat is required, the same fee as 1 person will be charged)
・Guarantee English Translation: 5,500 JPY per group
※If you do not apply this, English translation will be provided as much as possible. If you apply at the last minute, we may not be able to guarantee English translation.
What to bring/Clothes Nothing special
※The event time may change depending on local circumstances.
※Due to circumstances of the liesure district, confirmed reservations may be canceled.
※Depending on the date of the event, it will be either Maiko or Geisha.
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Please check all items after confirming the items to be confirmed in advance.

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